Feb. 27th, 2009

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1. *I am going to see *This Man* live in June!!! sqeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee - not only do I love his music, but this song holds a place in my heart from when I was writing The Sweet Scent of Blood.

2. The edits for The Cold Kiss of Death - Spellcrackers.com book 2 - are done [phew!] and are back with my editor - here's hoping she's happy! *crosses fingers*

3. **I now have internet/email again after an evil gremlin attack this week! - and wasn't that a major *headdesk* event. Hopefully the gremlins are gone for good, but ...

4. Last book read - Undone - very, eagerly awaited and as usual [profile] rachelcaineexceeded my fan girl expections! All I can say, is I *want* the next book NOW!

5. I will be surgically removing myself from my computer and treating myself to the next episode of Being Human tonight! Yay!

* This is the first time I've tried embedding a youtube, sooooo if it doesnt work here's the link

** If you've tried to contact me, and I haven't replied, then please email again. And anyone have any exciting news on the f-list - congrats to you and let me know :)


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