Mar. 16th, 2009

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Emerging from the edit cave to say that the latest round of tweaks and changes and copy-edits on The Cold Kiss of Death [ book 2]  have been delivered back to my editor  - here's hoping she likes them  *crosses fingers*.  And of course, after I'd pressed that *send* button I had this fantastic high, thinking that Yay! I'd passed another milestone for Cold Kiss.  Then of course, five minutes later, I'm back in the usual panic zone ... But a walk in the sunshine - and a good talking to from my BFF who quite rightly tells me I'm much too close to the screen to actually see it objectively and I'm feeling more optimistic. I love this book, Genny has some great adventures, and a lot to deal with personally, as well as a murder to solve, and a good few surprises along the way. [some which surprised me while I was writing; always a fantastic moment when that happens ;-)] 

Not only that, The Sweet Scent of Blood comes out on the 30th April  in mass market paperback and Gollancz have given it a wonderful new cover! Yay! [Not that I didn't love the original, but
see here for the full gloriousness!] )

Interview and Book Contest

Not so long ago, Amber of was kind enough to grill interview me about writing and research and what type of paranormal creature I'd like to be!

She also asked me which actor I'd take with me on a desert island - check out the interview to find out my answer to that [go on, you know you want to LOL! ] and all the other questions.

And if you leave a comment telling her which actor/actress *you* would take to a desert island, then you could win a signed copy of The Sweet Scent of Blood.


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