May. 1st, 2009

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Yesterday was the release date for the mmpb* of The Sweet Scent of Blood, and in 11 weeks time on the 16th July The Cold Kiss of Death :: book 2 :: is out!! Yay!! I will be the proud author of /two/ books. Squeeeeee!

And I want to celebrate!!

So starting from now and each week for the next eleven weeks I'm going to hold a weekly giveaway draw.**

This week's draw is for a signed proof copy of The Cold Kiss of Death [see the pretty picture below***] and if you haven't already read The Sweet Scent of Blood, then I'll also include a signed copy [or if you have then I'll substitute for another [unsigned] UF/PR book, so you will still win two books *g*]

All you have to do is leave a comment on this post before end of day [anywhere] Thursday, 7th May. See it's that easy. And don't forget to check back to see if you've won, and to enter next week's giveaway.



**Okay, I want to get the news out about The Cold Kiss of Death, so here's your chance to get your name in the hat more than once :-)

one comment = 1 entry
A mention on your blog/live journal/myspace/facebook/twitter/etc about the giveaway [post the link to the mention into the comments again] = 1 entry per link [ETA: slight change :-)]

Which all means you could end up with more than six entries into the metaphorical hat, so what are you waiting for? Get posting and linking!! Good Luck!!

****The winner's name will be posted and will have 7 days to claim. If not claimed in this time, then I'll redraw.
*** The uncorrected proof cover is not the same as the final book cover: see here. I have five copies, so I'm keeping one for myself *g* and the others will be giveaways at some point over the next eleven weeks along with 'other' books, so don't forget to check back :-)
*mass market paperback


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