May. 8th, 2009

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. . . the winner of the The Cold Kiss of Death :: Giveaway Draw is Carolsue


Congratulations, Carolsue and an email is on its way to you!

Thank you to everyone else that entered, and remember I'm holding a Giveaway each week for the next eleven until The Cold Kiss of Death releases on the 16th July, so there's more chances to win :-).
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Yay! Thank you to everyone who entered last weeks Giveaway for The Cold Kiss of Death and for helping to get the news out. At the end of this post are the details of this week’s giveaway : -)

But first …

We’ve had more celebrations in our house this week as it was our wedding anniversary! Hubby and I have been married for sixteen wonderful years : -) We spent a lovely day together taking it easy, reading, walking our dogs, going out for a romantic meal and reminiscing about our lives together and ultimately about how we met.

Like a lot of other folk, we met through work. We both worked for the same retail company, both of us had been there for about a year, and we were both store management. Similar jobs, similar interests and similar working hours; so far, so normal . . . except we didn’t work together, we actually worked [and lived] 400 miles apart! Luck, or fate, or serendipity sat us next to each other on an Interpersonal Skills Course LOL! And we put those skills we learnt to good use over the next year as we got to know each other, [it was a heck of a commute] fell in love and reorganised our lives so we could be together. *Big Happy Sigh*

Which brings me to: Writing Characters in Love …

Read more and enter draw ... )

Good Luck!!

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