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To celebrate the upcoming release of The Cold Kiss of Death :: :: Book 2 on 16th July 2009 and to help get the word out, I'm holding weekly giveaway draws . . .

Marta Acosta of Vampire Wire recently held the Ultimate Hawtest Vampire Poll to discover who is the Hawtest Vampire, and okay, so my first choice [Spike] didn't win *pout*, but I'm still totally happy with the vamp that did, and if you haven't guessed by now it was ...


The Ultimate Hawtest Vampire is Henry Fitzroy of "Blood Ties," as played by Kyle Schmid! Kudos to Kyle for projecting vampilicious hawtness in his portrayal of a crime-solving, comic-book drawing, unrepentent blood-drinker!

Not only do I love this series, both the TV and the books, but I love all of Tanya Huff's other books [her Keeper's Chronicles are one of my favourite comfort reads].

So this week's giveaway is in honour of Henry Fitzroy :: Hawt Vamp, Tanya Huff [[ profile] andpuff  ]and last but not least Vampire Wire: a great place to find out news about all things vamp [check out the Gratuitous Video of the Day] and holder of serious, scientific polls to find out important, necessary details about those of the fanged persuasion for us fang-fans *g* [next up is the BEST EVER Vampire Quotes Contest! Yay! Should be a great one!]

And on to this week's giveaway

*Second Drumroll*

The DVD* of complete season 1 of Blood Ties :: all 22 episodes, plus either a signed copy of The Sweet Scent of Blood or a signed proof of The Cold Kiss of Death [published on the 16th July 2009 Yay!]. To enter leave me a comment telling me what your favourite vampire TV series or Film is other than Blood Ties :-)

I comment = 1 entry

Please help me spread the word about the release of The Cold Kiss of Death and the giveaways with a mention of the giveaway on your blog/live journal/myspace/facebook/twitter/etc [post the link to the mention into the comments again] and win yourself more entries into this week's giveaway :-) 1 link = 1 entry

Which all means you could end up with more entries into the metaphorical hat, so what are you waiting for? Get posting and linking!! Good Luck!!

x/posted from my blog: leave a comment here or there. Contest ends end of day [anywhere] Thursday 21st May 2009.

**To make it easier to link and for important info about the DVD

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