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T'is finished!! Whoo Hoo!!

Zokutou word meter
107,464 / 100,000

We're off to see Quantum Of Solace tonight to celebrate, poor spouse has been utterly patient and wonderful, [as well as utterly ignored *sigh*] waiting for me to finish so we can go see this together ;)

Now I have to wait to see if my editor likes it *bites knuckles*
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I'm guest blogging over at Karen Mahoney's [ [ profile] kazdreamer ] today about 'Friends as Characters - Will they still love you when the book comes out!'

And there's another chance to win a copy of The Sweet Scent of Blood to celebrate this my book's release day . *runs off to do the excited happy dance again*

The draw is open until the 7th Sept, but why wait until then, go now and read how my best writing buddy made me put her  offered to be a character in my book *g*

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I'm guest blogging over at  How To Get Your Novel Published.about the power of critiquing today.  And in celebration of the release of The Sweet Scent of Blood tomorrow [4th Sept] in the UK *sqeeeeeee* one lucky commentator can win a signed copy of my book.

There's some great content over there about the road to publication thanks to David Bridger, so it's a place well worth having a look at ;)

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Oh wow!!!!  I am utterly delighted to post the following . . .




Krystyna Kujawinska,  Foreign Rights Director at Orion, has sold German rights in two urban fantasies  by debut novelist Suzanne McLeod to Nicole Geismann of Goldmann.


World rights in the series, which opens with THE SWEET SCENT OF BLOOD (to be published in the UK in September 2008), were acquired by Jo Fletcher at Gollancz from John Jarrold in 2007. 


‘I couldn’t be happier for Suzanne, or for Gollancz and Goldmann.' said John Jarrold. 'And many congratulations to Krystyna.’

. . . and my own thanks to John, Jo and Krystyna and to Nicole at Goldmann.  Yay! She loved my book!  

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Wow! My book has a beautiful new cover - isn't it gorgeous?


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 x/posted from Fangs, Fur & Fey

Q. For those of you, especially debut authors, who sold series where the first book was complete but future books were not: How much freedom did you have with the writing of the second book?


Q. On pitching series, do you pitch the series in the initial query? Or is that something you extrapolate once you've been invited to send some material along?


I have a three book deal with Gollancz and my debut book is book one in a reasonably open series –  That’s what I pitched to my agent, and once I’d finished book one – my agent took me on as a client before I’d completed the manuscript ;) - that’s what he pitched to my publishers.  Along with the completed manuscript, I sent one page detailing my ideas for books two and three (both very short three line paragraphs), a few one liners about possible further books, and also some other ideas I had, to expand the series/stories in my world.


In answer to the question about book two, so far, I’m being left to write it as per that short paragraph.  As to whether this is normal or not, I don’t know, as I am a debut author. I think this is one of those answers that could vary between different editors and authors and publishing houses.



Q. How do you deal with writer's block?


This is an odd one, as I’ve found hitting a block where I can’t seem to write the next scene, or bit of dialogue usually has a particular cause (as opposed to the just not feeling like working one, cos I’m tired, or distracted by too many other things, like life, or the other job - and I can be world class at distracting myself *g*)


Frex – I was writing a scene where my MC is alone with another character, and I couldn’t think of a thing for them both to say to each other.  So I took a walk, and pondered *read racked brain for solution* And I realised *I* the writer, knew exactly why both characters were alone together, regarding their motivations, and the plot development, but my UF has a strong murder mystery plot running through it ;) so of course, the character other than my MC couldn’t *talk* about their real reasons, because that would give the game away, so they had to have some plausible excuse.  So in the end, I managed to find their excuse, and ... the words started to flow again ;) (sorry if that was a bit convoluted, but I don’t want to give out any hints *g*)



Q. My parents are visiting England, and asked if I wanted anything can anyone recommend some UF that hasn't been released in the US? I spent about two hours crossmatching and but had very little success.


As a Brit, I find most of my UF reading has been from the US, as currently UF in the UK is not as big.  One UF Brit author that springs to mind is Mike Carey and his Felix Castor series - Mike is probably better known for his graphic novels – but his UF are wonderful books and are set in London (as are my own ;)) His MC, Fix is an exorcist, and has to deal with zombies, ghosts, demons, and a really different style of weres. 

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For those of you who don't know, it's National Adopt a Vampire Month over at Jaye's Blahg. There have been plenty of great posts from my fellow authors who also write about those of the sexy, sharp-toothed persuasion *g* 

And tomorrow Jaye is kindly allowing me to guest blog about why I think adopting a vampire could be one of those lifetime changing things - well, that's how it happened for me anyway ;)

Jaye Wells is herself a writer and fan of the fanged, and her own book RED HEADED STEPCHILD is due out in September 2009.

To find out more, pop on over. Not only is the reading excellent entertainment, but you can win books! Yes, there are prizes, so what are you waiting for? Go now and enjoy!

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 x/posted from Fangs, Fur & Fey

TOPIC: How do you pick the sort of creature/being you utilize?

Personally, I like to have my cake and eat it ;) I wanted to write about vampires, and faeries, and witches, and goblins, and trolls, and all those other creatures that fuel our fears and dreams in the myths and legends. So that’s what I’ve done. I’ve kept the majority of the traditional elements, (such as vampires surviving on blood and forgoing the suntan *g*) and then set it all in a contemporary London, along with my own little twists tweaks here and there.

My twists come when I spend time daydreaming researching my world. One of the myths I find fascinating is that of the sidhe fae wanting to seduce humans. When you look at it from the human side, it’s a great way to explain away that unwanted pregnancy, or the young man who runs away leaving his responsibilities on the farm behind – you can just blame it on something that you have no control over. But if you look at it from the sidhe point of view, it doesn’t stack up. I mean, if you’re such a beautiful being, living amongst others like yourself, are you really going to want to seduce some poor farm girl who happened to be feeding the hens. Is a faerie queen going to be so desperate as to steal away the lad that milks the cows? Nu-huh, somehow I don’t think so.

So I asked myself why. Why would this happen, what would encourage the sidhe to be attracted to humans, and how would it affect not just the sidhe, but also the humans, and other non-human races. How would this cause the world to evolve? How would they all interact together? What difference would technology make? And endless, endless other questions ;)

Then I got into daydreaming researching my main character. In the world I’d created, what race would she be? What problems would that cause her? How would she deal with them? What sort of job would she have? What emotional baggage would she carry with her from before the story started? Why would she be special to the other characters? And what would they want from her?

Which is how Genevieve Taylor, a sidhe fae, who works for came into being ;)

Suzanne McLeod

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Yesterday, Melissa Marr, one of the founders of the LJ community Fangs, Fur & Fey was kind enough to invite me to join them!  Now I've been lurking there, like forever, and hoping that one day...

And not being an old hand at posting on LJ, I thought I'd have a wee practice here first ;)  So here's my entry x/posted.

Hi Everyone


Thanks so much to Melissa for inviting me, and I’m delighted and honoured to accept. I’ve been a watcher ever since the FFF comm. started and now I get to join ~big grin~  I’ve learnt a huge amount from the fabulous authors here and everyone’s comments, lots of great info on writing, publishing and of course, so many awesome books to go on my reading wish list ;).


And now a little about me – I’m a UK author, living on the South Coast with my dh (who is Scottish and wonderful in so many ways, not least for his support!) and our two rescue dogs, a hyperactive Jack Russell/Lab cross, and a couch-potato German shepherd/lab cross! I’ve been writing for just over four years and my love is Urban Fantasy. Just before Christmas my fantastic agent, John Jarrold, sold my first three books to Gollancz. Wow! Was that the best Christmas present ever! But don’t you just hate writing about yourself? I always find is sooooo much easier to write about my world and my characters, so…


“Welcome to present day London, England, and the world of Genevieve Taylor, a sidhe fae.


A place where you can dance the night away with a celebrity vampire, ride the underground with a goblin worker, buy a love charm from the witches’ market, report a crime to a mountain troll and log on to and hire a sidhe or a satyr to sort out that annoying pixie infestation.


But be warned!


Be polite when you meet a brownie or a cluricaun, lest your milk turn sour and your beer stop flowing. Don’t go swimming in the Thames with the kelpie. Visiting Sucker Town after sunset is just asking for trouble to bite you. And never, ever, break a bargain made with a fae, for the magic will always extract its retribution.


In the first novel (title to be confirmed), when one of the hot calendar pin-up vamps, Mr October, is accused of murdering his girlfriend, a longstanding obligation means Genny can't refuse to help prove his innocence. Initially, she agrees with the police that he is guilty. But as events unfold, Genny begins to have doubts.”


Where am I now? ...  Well having written and delivered book one to my editor, I’m now waiting anxiously for her notes. I’ve been reading the recent comments on those with great interest, believe me! I already know my book is way too long at 137K words, and I’ve got to cut it down to the 100K!!! (a whole sub-plot has to go) Also, I’ve got to tone down the sex (which tells you I’m definitely writing for the adult market ~grin~)  Then I’ve got nine month deadlines for book two and three! Scary – especially ‘cos I’m such a slow writer ~ sigh. But the best bit of all, is I get to go play with my characters some more, and even though I write to a plan, they still constantly surprise me.


Thanks again for inviting me, and any questions?? Just ask away ;)


Suzanne McLeod

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John Jarrold has sold World Rights in three supernatural thrillers by Suzanne McLeod, a debut novelist, to Jo Fletcher at Gollancz for a decent five-figure sum in UK pounds.

McLeod's novel sequence features Genevieve Taylor, a Sidhe. The Sidhe are a reclusive race, uncomfortable in the modern world, preferring to live in The Fair Lands and follow the old traditions. So Genny is unusual, even in present-day London where celebrity vampires, eccentric goblins and scheming lesser fae mix freely with the human population.

Genny is a rising star at – seeking out supernatural crime. Genny also works as a volunteer at a clinic which treats victims of vampire attacks. Then there's her extra-curricular activity, extracting vulnerable fae lured by the local fang gangs. Genny neither wants nor needs any closer involvement with vampires.

But in the first novel (title to be confirmed), when one of the hot calendar pin-up vamps, Mr October, is accused of murdering his girlfriend, a longstanding obligation means Genny can't refuse to help prove his innocence. Initially, she agrees with the police that he is guilty. But as events unfold, Genny begins to have doubts.

'I'm delighted about this deal,' said John Jarrold. 'It was obvious from the first page that Suzanne has a great voice and a talent for story-telling. Her writing is endlessly inventive, witty and very sexy.'

McLeod lives on the South Coast of England, with her husband and dogs.





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