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So it all starts tomorrow! Eastercon that is; the 60th British National Science Fiction Convention, celebrating science fiction, fantasy and horror in literature, film, comics and other media. Yay!!!

I've got off lightly this year with just the one panel, strangely enough it's about Urban Fantasy [can't think why they picked me to talk about that! LOL!] and then of course, there's Rock Band!  So come and heckle listen to my mumblings wonderful words of wisdom on all that is Urban Fantasy and my Cool Chick Rock Band™
performance* [warning - as I’m likely to crash and burn, this is *not* recommended for those of a sympathetic nature]. Other than the two ‘events’ I will be there from sometime on the Friday evening to when the clock strikes twelve after Rock Band on the Sunday night and I have to do the Cinders thing. So feel free to come and say hello, chat, ask me to sign books *hopeful face* or anything else [within reason *g*].

Sun 15:30 Urban Fantasy

"What exactly is it? Is supernatural romance it, does it have to have
supernatural creatures in a realist urban setting? Is Buffy the
prototypical urban fantasy? Is it a growing subgenre of its own? What
about a fantasy city not in our world?"
Freda Warrington, Tim Powers, Suzanne McLeod and Liam Sharp

[The following entry stolen from 
[profile] david_devereux  cos it says it all :-)]

Sun 22.00 Rock Band

I've already talked about this, but that's not going to stop me talking about it some more. You'll find a sign-up form in your con pack, so just geet together with some mates, put the form in the box at Registration and turn up. Then go Full Tilt Boogie and try for our Fabulous Prizes, courtesy of Forbidden Planet, Gollancz, Black Library, Titan Books and a list of other wonderful people.

I've been hearing rumours of all sorts of teams coming together as well, so you can definitely expect to see some industry figures gettinng up to play. I'm not to confirm or deny anything you might have already heard by your own methods, but I'm expecting to see some all sorts of nonsense take place.

One other thing to mention is that Harmonix have sent us Rock Band 2, which isn't available over here yet, and have given us the OK to put it in the charity auction once we've rocked our socks off. This means you can go own to be one of the first people in the country to show off with your mates when you get home, so bid early and bid often!

My very sincere thanks, by the way, go to John Drake at Harmonix Music for providing the games and their controllers, and to Ben Smith & Julie Bogaert at Sony Europe, who've banded together to provide everything from a PS3 to the PA and screens we'll be using. And I can't not mention
[profile] [personal profile] danacea - AKA the mighty Danie Ware of Forbidden Planet - for being my partner-in-crime and helping make sure everything came together from prizes to flyers to several of those possible surprises we've got lined up for you. What a rock star!

*  the lj gremlins have *bleep* up my text for some reasons and I can't get them to change *sigh*

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So you know those conversations that you think you've imagined? The ones where you wake up and breathe a sigh of relief that they probably happened in some sort of alternate reality where you're the Rock Chick who Can. Do. Music. And. Other. Such. Cool. Stuff ?

Turns out they were reeeeeeal! Who knew?

So thanks to  [ profile] david_devereux  at Eastercon, along with [ profile] maeve_the_red  I will now be performing in this . . .

small confession ... )

Then it turns out twittering can get you into even more trouble . . .

@Suzanne: Enjoyed Evolution, Wrath of God and Death yesterday at the OLF!
@Big_Jim: You enjoyed evolving!? Have you become some sort of superhero Suzanne?
@Suzanne: Superhero? Of course, I can fly . . . *jumps up, flaps arms, doesn't leave ground* oh wait, umm, maybe not, so it's back to the amoeba stage for now . . .
@Big_Jim: Ahh! You evolved but didn't get the features you wanted? So you're going to start again! See you in 6 billion years . . . also, in 6 billion years, I expect to see you with glorious wings! How would you see yourself, with bird wings? Butterfly?
Suzanne: *ponders* *Googles* *tweets*
In 6 billion years - I might just manage this!

But for two weeks time for Eastercon? As promised by [ profile] danacea . . .


So come and see if I can squeeze 6 billion years of evolution into two weeks *desperately Googles angel wings* and join in the Forbidden Planet Rock Band fun, and Win. Wonderful. Fantastic. Prizes!!!


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