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Phil Rickman explores the attraction of horror and nouveau-gothic fiction with authors Suzanne McLeod (The Sweet Scent of Blood) and Peter Luther (The Mourning Vessels). Listen here until the 20.12.08.

Phil Rickman [a best-selling crime writer] does a radio show where he interviews published authors about their books. [A very nervous me in this particular one!] Not only does Phil talk to Peter and myself, but also to Anne Rice!

At the same time he also invites aspiring authors to send in the start of their novel, along with a synopsis, which he then forwards to a relevant publisher for their comments. In this episode two aspiring horror authors have sent in their novels and Jo Fletcher *[my editor at Gollancz] gives advice about their submissions. 
John Jarrold
[my agent] also talks about the current market for fantasy and horror.  

Ever wondered what a radio studio looks like? )

* no prizes for guessing that it was thanks to my editor that I was interviewed for the show *g*

ETA: if you're interested in science books the programme before Phil's is worth a listen too ;)

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For those of you who don't know, it's National Adopt a Vampire Month over at Jaye's Blahg. There have been plenty of great posts from my fellow authors who also write about those of the sexy, sharp-toothed persuasion *g* 

And tomorrow Jaye is kindly allowing me to guest blog about why I think adopting a vampire could be one of those lifetime changing things - well, that's how it happened for me anyway ;)

Jaye Wells is herself a writer and fan of the fanged, and her own book RED HEADED STEPCHILD is due out in September 2009.

To find out more, pop on over. Not only is the reading excellent entertainment, but you can win books! Yes, there are prizes, so what are you waiting for? Go now and enjoy!



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